Occupational Health

Galway Primary Care provides a full range of services at each of our medical centres. It is our privilege to be involved in your care.

Pre-Employment Health Screenings

Our pre-employment health screening is tailor-made for each company with whom we work. By understanding the working environment and requirements we can assure that each candidate’s fitness to work is appropriately assessed.

Pre-employment medicals are treated with the utmost confidentiality and aim to ensure that where possible each candidate can work safely without risking their own health, or the health of others.

Advice will be given, where appropriate on workplace modifications to ensure that candidates who are fit to work can perform their roles safely, and effectively.

Acute Medical Services

Galway primary care provides an on-call service for local industry. Appointments are kept available for employees who become ill or have a minor injury in the workplace. Services include:

  • Acute injury assessment and management
  • Medical assessment and treatment
  • Wound management, suturing and glueing of lacerations
  • Post-exposure vaccinations
  • Referral to secondary care where appropriate

Absence Management

Absence is one of the largest costs to any organisation. Galway Primary Care provides specialist advice to employers in the management of sickness absence. The provision of good quality absence management advice assists employers in identifying trends of illness, managing each individual case and planning workforce needs.

We aim to manage each case to identify and facilitate an employee’s unique physical, psychological and social requirements to support a return to a productive working environment.

Health Screening

Health screening in the work place can be of major benefit in identifying early warning signs of ill-health and to allow the early provision of therapeutic or preventative measures. Screening can be performed in our clinics or on-site in the workplace.

Working in conjunction with Healthy Workforce Ireland we can facilitate a multitude of health promotion measures.

Services include:

  • Online health questionnaires
  • Height, weight and BMI measurement
  • Hypertension screening
  • Visual and hearing assessments
  • Lung function tests
  • Blood testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Drug screening
  • Full wellness reports for employees
  • Summary, confidential and anonymised data to allow identification of trends of ill-health Eg. Proportion of stress, obesity or inactivity among the workforce