Bone Density Scanning

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General indications for the scanning include:

  • Women aged 65 and older
  • Men aged 70 and older

For men < 70 years and women <65 years of age a bone density test is indicated if they have a risk factor for low bone mass such as;

  • Low body weight
  • Prior fracture
  • High-risk medication use
  • Disease or condition associated with bone loss
  • Adults with a fragility fracture
  • Adults with a disease or condition associated with low bone mass or bone loss
  • Adults taking medications associated with low bone mass or bone loss
  • Anyone being considered for pharmacologic therapy
  • Anyone being treated, to monitor treatment effect
  • Anyone not receiving therapy in whom evidence of bone loss would lead to treatment
  • test item


The GE Lunar Prodigy is one of the leading and most accurate scanners to measure body composition to assist doctors and dietitians managing patients with chronic diseases.

The technology is also widely used by exercise physiologists to optimise athletic performance and potential by calculating;

  • Bone Mineral Content, Mass & Area
  • Muscle – Density, Mass & Area
  • Fat – Density, Mass & Area
  • Fat, Lean and Bone percentages
  • Andriod: Gynoid Ratio
  • VAT – Visceral Adipose Tissue
  • Fat Mass Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Colour mapping image for visualising fat density/areas