Minding Your Mental Health During Lockdown

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Minding Your Mental Health During Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world in a way that no government has ever anticipated. The pandemic also leaves devastating effects on people’s mental health as survivors have had to suffer the consequences of an economic meltdown, loss of employment, or the loss of a loved one.

Effects of the Lockdown on Your Mental Health 

Apart from the direct consequences of covid-19, events like restricted movement and the lockdown imposed in many nations can stress you mentally because:

  • You are confined to the four walls of your home for weeks. For some people, this restriction of movement can exponentially raise their anxiety level and leave them in a state of situational phobia.
  • There are fewer activities and events to distract you from the overwhelming aura of the pandemic. 
  • You have probably lost physical contact with your friends and loved ones. 
  • You miss your daily routine and can’t find enough activities at home to make up for it.

In addition to the adverse conditions caused by the virus, there is also the fear of contracting the disease. It is only natural – and reasonable – to practice social distancing and personal hygiene to prevent the disease’s spread. But an excessive fear of getting the virus can be bad for your mental health as you may:

  • Become restless and anxious
  • Start to worry unnecessarily.
  • Become suspicious of the people around you.
  • Plunge into severe insecurity and distrust.
  • Begin to assume that every pain and flu-like symptom you experience is the virus.
  • Experience troubles sleeping
  • Start to entertain irrational and damaging thought pattern
  • Stress yourself out by being overly concerned about the things you touch and the places you visit.

So, here are some tips to ensure that you do not cross that thin line between caution and unnecessary fear:


Social-Distant Yourself from the Newsfeed

Stay updated about the happenings around you, but try not to overindulge. Do not keep count of the death toll or the infected people in your state. This information has a way of creating room for worry and anxiety in your mind.

The lockdown period may not also be the best time to stay glued on Instagram and Twitter as people tend to air their minds to express their worries on social media. You may contact other people’s worries and make them yours when you overdo social media during a lockdown. Do not forget that not up to 50% of the information you find on social media is authentic.


Do Not Lose Touch

No one is asking you to break lockdown rules, but who says you have to miss your loved ones during this challenging period?

No matter how loud you laugh and how intense your conversations are, there are no possibilities of spreading the virus over a text message, a phone call, email, or video call. Reach out to your friends now and then, and exchange support with them. Also, speak with them about your fears and worries, and you will be surprised at how soothing communication can be at times like this.


Do Not Ditch Your Healthy Routine

You may not be able to go to work or visit the spa during the lockdown, but you can set up healthy structures within your day to make up for those times. These structures should be able to meet your physical, mental, and emotional needs. You should also be able to relax and have fun as you do them.

Examples of healthy activities you can try during the lockdown are regular exercise, journal keeping, reading informative books, religious practices, the arts, or playing online games with friends. You can also take online courses and training to sharpen your business and career skills.


Eat Healthily

It can be easy to turn to food, junk, and alcohol for comfort at times like this, but you must not give in to the urge. You only put your health at an increased risk of contracting the virus when you consume toxic or unhealthy foods. Stick to eating balanced diets every day, and never compromise on looking after your physical and mental health.