Covid 19 Pre Flight Test – Everything You Need To Know

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Covid 19 Pre Flight Test – Everything You Need To Know

The Irish government has advised against international travel unless it’s absolutely necessary and if it can be avoided it should be. If you need to travel abroad, certain country’s require you to present a negative Covid-19 test result before entering the country as well as a verified letter from your doctor.

How To Apply For A Test?

Applying for a Covid-19 pre flight test can only be done through a private GP service. You must call up your local GP and explain to them that you are going to be travelling abroad and will require a test prior to travelling. Your GP will then take note about when you’re travelling abroad and arrange a test for a day/time that suits you.

You can apply for a Covid-19  pre flight test through our GP Service. Complete our Covid-19 Screening form via our website indicating that you are going to travel outbound and you require a test prior to travelling. Your GP will take note of when you are travelling and arrange a test for a day/time suitable.

Who Is The Test For?

As the title suggests, this test is for individuals who plan on travelling abroad. Certain countries will allow you to travel freely into the country without a Covid-19 test but may require you to self isolate for a period of time before being able to move around freely. Please see here for a full breakdown of the Covid-19 travel requirements for the various countries. This test is for those who are currently not displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 and are currently not sick.

What’s Included In The Test?

GP Care are currently carrying out Covid-19 PCR swab tests which cost €160. This includes the test itself, the results of the test and a certified letter by one of our doctors declaring that all the results were carried out by a verified medical professional.

When Can I Get The Results?

Typically results are available within 24-48 hours. Most countries require you to be tested within 72 hours of travelling.

Book A Test

If you’re travelling abroad you can book a pre flight clearance test at Galway Primary Care by following the link below. If you’ve any questions about this please contact the team at